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Only a few steps to open a company from abroad(Bilateral Treaty ITALY / CHINA of 28 January 1985)


ONLY Few steps required to open a company from abroad

(Bilateral Treaty ITALY / CHINA of 28 January 1985)

  • The Chinese entrepreneur will need to request the Italian Tax Code from the Italian Consulate

  • Through a Chinese Notary, the entrepreneur will confer to one of our professionals “power of attorney” to act in their behalf and establish the Italian company

  • The “power of attorney” will be translated by an authorized interpreter and legalized by the Italian Consulate in China

  • The Chinese entrepreneur can then act through the professional to whom the “power of attorney” has been given to establish the company in Italy;

  • One of our professionals will take over the management of the newly-established company and will take care of the activities necessary for the company start-up

Start-up of the company by our staff

  • Domiciliation of the company c/o our Rome office

  • Opening of bank accounts

  • Administrative support tailored to the type of business

  • Search for the logistics office venue (offices, shops, laboratories, factory)

  • Identification, selection and recruitment of staff

  • Opening, research and development of the market through qualified professionals

  • Conference, meeting and business trips services

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