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The "ServiX 中国" initiative stems from the need to combine the fast-pace development of the new frontiers of international trade and the complex tax-related, customs and financial regulations of international anti-money laundering.

ServiX S.R.L. s.t.p. is an Italian limited liability company established among professionals registered in the Register of Accountants of Rome (Italy). Professional societies (Societá Tra Professionisti or STP) were introduced in the Italian legal system in article 10 of law 183 of 2011. This law clarifies how people who perform a protected profession can carry out their activity in the form of a company. “Protected profession” refers to those "activities that are subject to registration in registers, orders and colleges, or, in the case of citizens of the European Union, the possession of a qualification". The Chinese Representative Office was registered under the name ServiX 中国.


A foreign entity that wants to work in Europe needs a long and costly identification: document translation, authentication of documents with notary and legalization by the consulate.

Our representative office in China allows direct identification as if the foreign subject were in Italy. Working conscientiously with us means complying with European legislation and not risking serious problems in working with unauthorized parties.

Furthermore, since there are no agencies or intermediaries, our costs allow us to offer a service at the lowest market cost.

  • Reliable and legal service for EU legislation

  • no intermediation

  • The lowest market rates



ServiX中国 is a consulting firm that stemsfrom the gathering and the network of different professionals with expertise in the areas of finance, administration, tax, law and customs.In particular, the experience with Chinese investors and entrepreneurs allows ServiX to support international trade exchange and the development of entrepreneurial interests between Italy and China.

ServiX 中国 collaborates with several professionals of the Colcerasa Consulting Firm  whose founding members are:

Dr. Francesco Colcerasa
Dr. Francesco Colcerasa
Dr. Mengjia Gao
Dr. Mengjia Gao
Li  Yi
Li Yi
Li  Yi
Li Yi

Dr. Francesco Colcerasa, is anAccountant and Statutory Auditor.  He has held senior management positions for over twenty years, in administrative, tax and management control areas and has experience as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in national and multinational companies. His experience ranges from high-level corporate reorganization processes to the launching of "Start Ups", both at national level and in corporate internationalization processes.



    • The lowest market rates

    • Cooperating  with ServiX 中国 It means eliminating the costs of agencies or intermediaries with rates at the lowest market cost.


ServiX 中国 represents a very short bridge between Europe and China


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